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Ultraviolet light can be divided into four categories. The most useful when it comes to
disinfecting is UVC. This has a range of 200-280nm and has been proven to stop viruses,
bacteria, and micro-organisms from replicating and spreading.
• How does it work?
The UVC is absorbed by the DNA and RNA bases of a virus. This causes a photo-chemical
the reaction that prevents the bases from pairing together and replicating further. A study of the
SARS coronavirus that emerged in 2002 discovered that exposure to UVC completely
inactivated the virus As coronaviruses
are very similar in the way they replicate and spread, we can be quite confident that COVID19 will respond in the same way to treatment with UVC.
• Autonomous UVC robots are already on the front line
Autonomous robots equipped with UVC lamps are already working in hospitals across the
world. A bank of lamps is mounted on a mobile unit which is driven around the area you
wish to regularly disinfect. The robot uses sensors to scan and map the area. Details of
where the robot should disinfect are then added to the map. The robot is then able to carry
out a thorough UVC treatment by itself, returning to its charger point when it has completed
its assigned task. It maps and records its progress providing valuable data for clinical and
non-clinical staff. This saves time and manpower in the fight against the virus, freeing up
front-line staff to work in other roles.

- UVC-TAB Photochromic UVC

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