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Separation Machine, Changzho, China, United Arab Emirates

Personal and Business Loan Changzhou City, Jiangsu, China, Changzho, China, United Arab Emirates
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Separation Machine
The centrifugal separator is specially used for the two phase and three phase separation. The Two phase separation machine is to separate the suspended solid from liquid or separate two liquids which have the different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three-phase separation machine is to separate the two immicible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same time.
Parameter (clarification of dregs and solids in fruit juice, and fermented liquid of fruits and vegetables)
Model Capacity(L/H) Power Drum speed(RPM) Inlet Pressure(Mpa) Outlet Pressure(Mpa) Wight(kg) Dimension(mm)
GZDB206 3000 5.5 7000 0-0.1 0.1-0.3 480 990x930x980
GZDB207 5000 7.5 6080 0-0.1 0.1-0.3 680 1120x910x1225
GZDB211 10000 15 5500 0-0.1 0.1-0.3 1080 1200x1150x1420
GZDB415 12000 22 5100 0-0.1 0.1-0.3 1680 1300x1300x1650
The capacity is only for reference, the actual situation depends on material properties of customers.

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