When it comes to choosing effective security gear for your homes and offices the question is, what are you looking for. Are you keeping an eye on what is going on inside the premise or do you need to secure the premise? This main difference will decide what kind of security camera you should buy. Here is a discussion on the two main security camera options available in the market: webcam and a professional security camera.
Let us begin with one simple point, a webcam is not a security camera. The webcam is a digital camera that is connected to a web or android application. You can access the application and take a look at what is going on in the premise.
The main advantage of a webcam is that you can look into the room and you will know what is going on in the room. You can use the device to keep an eye on the kids, the maid or the employees.
Another advantage is that i is simple and mainly DIY. There is no need for special installation and you can make the camera active and running yourself.


The disadvantage of the webcam is that it is not going to alarm you to any kind of burglary. A webcam can only be accessed by you and it does not come with any kind of sensors to ensure that you know when there is a break-in.

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