More, Tot sets foot in the dish and reveals us lots of info on current jobs. With the launch of Dofus RĂ©tro and the 2.53 update of Dofus classic version, everything appears to roll up for Ankama who manages to fill servers (Issering is the newest ). But we have to observe farther and on his blog, we are told by Tot about the rest! The update thread is running.

Dofus appears far better compared to last year, as a result of the new team shaped along with also the support of the Dofus players (KTA, Youtube, Twitch, Forums, etc.). The numbers"are not great" and Dofus doesn't triumph new Dofus gamers (but remaining in precisely the exact same stage ). At least there is no devolution. Wakfu MMO will last to receive updates and the team will stay in place, insisted Tot.

Dofus was not necessarily the most rewarding, but it finally comes from its hibernation! 40 cards will probably be inserted, with 3 cards per class and a monster family. An"Encore" well-known and especially eagerly awaited from the community.

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