Someone ran stretch every play game and it couldn't stop. I messaged him and advised him to decide on on a different drama. He responded,"there is counters to it". I don't believe this man knew that I was run committing every play to his conduct side. Idk a better counter to runs than operate commit.Played a man today that ran the same exact play each moment. Took me a few plus to work out the adjustments that worked but once I did he got shut down. Finally started throwing the ball at the fourth down 3 points plus he got sacked on almost every play including on third down to put him from field goal range and on the next upside down with 15 minutes left.

I think that it was I form slam or something of this type. He tried breaking out every moment. Hurried to whatever side he had his tight end. Would even motion him and reverse the run to that side. I would run 4-4 and started out dispersing the line and pressing corners. User my safety and bring him into the box commit to whichever side. After I realized he would not even misdirection into the other hand I simply started simply shifting line and backers to the side his tight end was around. He was rather predictable. Only reason he had any success is two runs with portis broke off after breaking up a few tackles.

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