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Instant keto medications when you go home from the hospital you will get a pain medication by the time patients go home their pain is pretty well controlled so we do not send you home on a lot of narcotic pain medications but you will get some you will also get non-narcotic options you may go home with celebrex lyrica or scaloxin will depend on your health history you will go home with scheduled tylenol as well we do want you to try non-narcotic options first and reserve the narcotic options for more severe discomfort we are currently part of a pain study so we will want you to keep track of all the narcotic pain medications that you needed we will go over more of this in a few slides so nausea is very common after surgery we do give you three medications to help with nausea and spasms the order in which they are listed here is the order in which you take them the first medication the number one bottle is lefsen or hiosamine what this medication does is calms down spasms this is the only medication we

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