"If I had it to do all over again...Knowing what I now know...". People love to say this; maybe their lives have not turned out as they had planned. In some way I can understand an elderly gentleman pining away at lost vitality and opportunity. He might even be able to recall one or two precise moments in his long life when he should have turned Left, but instead turned Right, and the con-sequences led him to this moment of frustration. But to hear men and women my age mutter this scorn! I tend to forget sometimes that I'm right smack in the middle of this experience called Life, and I still have time to change things. Even if it takes ten years to absolutely revamp every aspect of my life, I'll still be relatively young enough to enjoy it. If I sat down tonight and took stock of every bad decision I've ever made, fixed what I could, and vowed to make only good decisions for the next decade, I'd have 20-30 years to enjoy the fruits of my upheaval. Doesn't that make great sense?

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