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Centrifugal Separator, Changzho, China, United Arab Emirates

Health - Beauty Changzhou City, Jiangsu, China, Changzho, China, United Arab Emirates
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Centrifugal separator machine is in which two liquids of different densities are separated from each other. Solids may also be separated at the same time.
Solid Liquid Separation machine
Liquid-Liquid Separation
Liquid-Liquid-Solid Separation
The Centrifuges machine is specially used for the two phase and three phase separation. The two phase separation is to separate the suspended solid from liquid or separate two liquids which have the different specific gravity and are immiscible. The three phase separation is to separate the two immicible liquid phases and a phase of solid at the same time.
 Application of centrifugal separator
1. It could be used for food industry such as milk clarification, fruit juice clarification(solid flesh is taken out), purification of soy sauce and rice wine, slag clarification of tea drinks.
2. It could be used for clarifying all kinds of fuel oil and lubricating oil in moisture and impurites.

Working principle
The materials are transmitted to the heart parts of centrifugal separator, the inside of drum, under the strong centrifugal force, the mixed liquid pass through the intervals of discs. Center hole is interface, the liquid of higher density(heavy phase) move outward along discs, the heavy residues accumulate in the sediment area, the liquid of ligh density move inward and upward along the discs.

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