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I discovered success in Man policy complete, although I started to utilize Zone in situations where I had been happy to provide the opponent some area. By way of instance, if I've got the lead with two or three minutes left on the clock, I am fine with allowing my opponent to play in front of me; I'll use a Cover-3 Deep formation to give my competitor some bud, knowing that I'm not likely to give up a big play. I can still get vulnerable doing this -- great players work the sidelines, for instance -- but I'm generally discovering success.

While my understanding is very basic, I am now choosing plays with the objective of obtaining a specific outcome, instead of the guesswork I had been relying on earlier. And this understanding has helped me because I now know when I'm looking at a Cover-2 or a Blitz, and while I am far from perfect at reading this, it's helped me to get some larger profits. Lobbing the ball out to my receiver in play-action, by way of instance, when I can see a cornerback will drop off into a deep zone, is a good example of something I have learned that works.

I practiced a lot from the computer, and wished to ensure that I was able to win pretty much 95 percent of the time with the Competitive setting enabled.

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