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Heath Ledger won the Oscar most effective supporting actor in 81st Academy Awards for his role as The Joker in "The Dark Knight". I think they got specific right. He was brilliant. The performance was definitely Oscar worthy, and it is a great honor for a man who died too early.This should include a biography, a DVD of a set, along with comedy comprehensive resume. (Some bookers now also accept bio kits via e-mail. However rather of a DVD you'd, obviously, send a doc.) Most bookers will inquire about a 30-minute DVD, yet, in reality will watch no more three minutes, if just about all. After a week of mailing, start following up with phone reffers to as.But there is a reason to do this. Bookers get barraged daily with calls and e-mails from comic s seeking stage time to buy a limited number of venues. Supper . them to remain in business, they must book their rooms with proven bands. And because contain more acts than venues they are less travelling to take a telephone call from an unknown comic.Unfortunately, product sales of these materials may perceived as bit premature, considering that they'll be you can find in stores until no more July. Can an item truly certainly be a collector's item while it can still can be found at a convenience store?9-9 Realty Bites-In this, one for this "Marge gets to be a job episodes", Marge gets to be a realtor. Unfortunately she is simply honest to hit your objectives. This episode features Gil & Lionel Hutz.5-5 Treehouse of Horror IV-Homer sells his soul for a donut, The Simpsons walk into Bram Stoker's Dracula & a gremlin terrorizes Bart on college bus.Is The Punisher: Battleground worth seeing if you're fan among the comic book? Absolutely. Just don't go in expecting or Iron Man caliber top notch. If you're looking for a good revenge picture with most challenging decision same associated with raw feel as Death Wish, Dirty Harry, or it's predecessors, then do it.

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